Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Soul of Individuals

YOU have what it takes!

Meet DJ. She works at Elkhorn Ridge RV Resort & Cabins in Spearfish South Dakota. She knows all about the Emma Zen Foundation but never put two and two together until she started thinking about it. "I realized my pets couldn't be saved by our local fire department and then I started thinking about all those RVers who travel with their pets. What if, something happened at work?" So in August 2014 she set out to make a difference. She raised funds by putting up signs at work. She had a bake sale at the local Farmers Market and she called her local newspaper too. It's a lot work getting all those all those baked goods ready, including the shape appropriate piggies!

We had a goal of $1,200 for 16 Pet Oxygen Masks 8 for the Fire Department and 8 for the EMS, in both Spearfish and Whitewood. "You overshot your goal!," said our president when the final total came to $1,715.77!!! Or 23 Pet Oxygen Masks kits! (Kits are $75.00 a piece.) As soon as all the kits are established you will be able to return to this page and view their destinations. But for now we would just like to thank "Denise DJ Bahmuller for being part of the solution and always pets in their community to have a better chance of survival and for making sure that all those individuals that travel with their pets are safer too! YOU too can make it difference, like DJ you have what it takes!

For distribution information please visit here.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

In Honor of Heidi

This is what we are all about! Meet Heidi. She was in a car accident and due to no restraints was thrown against the windshield and lost her eye. She is an example of why we support pet restraints systems. She then had an familiar experience of her own and ended up at a pet shelter at the age of 8. She could now be an example of Pet ID tags, proper yard fencing, keeping your pets on leash and/or many other pet safety protocols you can find us speaking of. Heidi was a true survivor! While that can make you smile she unfortunately lived the true definition of the word; to function or prosper in spite of opposition, hardship, or setbacks. I love a story with a happy ending. Heidi was adopted!! At age 8, with one eye missing by Human angels Anne & Frank. We are told they had a wonderful life for the last two years of her existence. I am as many so touched by those that adopt the elderly or those less fortunate, takes a special soul. Anne and I met last month and she was told about our foundation, she decided to donate a Pet Oxygen Masks in Honor of Heidi's name, how appropriate. The little dog that was saved, saving others! You go Heidi Girl! This is the story of an In Honor Card from the Emma Zen Foundation and how Heidi helped supply a Pet Oxygen Masks kit to Brick NJ EMS!!! Debra Jo / President

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Damaged Fruits?

I have been successful at what I do because I have stuck to one thing, however there needs to be many to stick to a subject that is getting worse. It's no wonder we have so many hungry people just here in the US the laws and even habits of individuals have changed over the years. My husband was telling me tonight how 30 + years ago they use to go to the back of the grocery stores and get enough food to feed all the people at homeless place for free. "They laws have changed old man it hasn't been like that in years" I started to explain. You see these days corporations are afraid that if they leave food out or give food to one person and that person gets sick, the fallback and responsible lays on the corporation you are dealing with. To take it even further ever notice how every single piece of fruit and vegetables and every single can is perfect. They have to be to sell at premium prices, but what happens to all those beautiful apples that grown that may not be creme de le creme? Today I was at the market I purchase 6 flawless polished bright red apples (the only ones they carry) and proceeded to the checkout. When the cashier grabbed the bag the bottom ripped open and 5 of the apples went rolling down the check out but one little apple went bouncing along from the checkout, to the shelf and down the floor a time or too, until it landed under the foot of the grocery bagger. She immediately picked it up and lay it aside, then shuffled off as she exclaimed, "Sorry Ma'am, I'm getting you a new one!" I thanked them both and purchased my food and then asked him to ring up the broken little apple. "But Ma'am, it's damaged!" To you but I have a pet a home who will think otherwise needless to say after about a 6 minutes of me not giving up the manager came over and let me take the damn apple! (Not my words) I saved a perfectly good cracked apple from the depths of the land fills. Well I do not wish to get into a debate of the worlds hungry crisis, I do wish continue my thoughts for the day by remembering the things we forget to think about... Do you know the taste of a home grown apple? Those totally sweet beautiful sensations that don't always necessarily look pristine. When was the last time you had fresh hand picked lettuce? Doesn't even taste the same as the stuff you get in the store. Or how about a red grape that was a little sour at the same time it was sweet? Notice how in the store every grape in a cluster taste the same. I came here to B**** about how manufactured we have become. When we weren't looking what we produced was our very own hunger population. I'm sure, no I am hopeful that someONE or maybe even some organization is busy trying to undo the damage that we did. But instead of complaining I think I will just back to the farmers market where I can get home grown food that I can still take home even if I drop it.


My friend and I had a wonderful experienced in Home Depot on Katella in Orange, CA this week. You can read that heart touching story on our website! Today I printed up the article we wrote and took it into the store, so that the manager and associate Scott could have a copy. I know they are not our social media friends at the foundation so we told them about all the positive feedback and to be expecting many more people asking about Homer! The manager said he was running around the Christmas tree lot in his fancy new collar. Now that is about all you ever hear from me, the positive side. While I would't classify this as an opinion it is diffidently an observation with a conclusion I wouldn't choose that you can and have seen happen before. What am I talking about? When I enter today to deliver the article I saw a woman holding her dog in her arms. I saw a man walking the aisle with is dog too. Both these things made me smile but later it got me to thinking, you know this store under different management use to except dogs all the time, Emma Zen herself use to go her every week it seemed. But then one fight and corporate liability concerns later, there was a sign that said no more dogs allowed. So as a reminder as nicely as I can say, PLEASE keep your pet on a short leash when in a pet friendly establishment. Even if your dog is friendly, maybe the other dog isn't? There are so many reason to keep Fido aside you. You've heard the stories before one fight and we lose the very thing to which we as pet lovers are drawn to. The freedom for our pets to become mainstream.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Unexpect Appreaciation

Today we donated 13 Pet Oxygen Masks kits to the Palm Springs Fire Department. Then we went to the dog park for a little awhile and then we went town to go do some sniffing around. We found the local pet store and boy was it filled with great stuff. My Human told the store owner how their cities fire department was so welcoming to equipment for pets. There were many people in the store and they all had stories about how helpful and pet friendly their department was. They all also loved the idea of their city caring the equipment. After a little conversation my Human started shopping and she found this collar, it was green and had silver stars on it and there was only one large one and it was just my size. "Oh Emma this is so beautiful on you" she said as she looked at the price tag. Taking it off she told me, "Emma I cannot afford this collar but no worries you are my star even without it!" and she gave me a hug right there in front of everyone. As we left she offered me free biscuits that were available at the counter and out the door we went. They had a water dish on the sidewalk so there I stood for a minute or two while I took a nice long drink. Suddenly this lady appeared and put a large bag at my paws. "This is a "thank you" Emma, for a job well done." ? ? ? If my Human was a dog her head would have been titled sideways. Excuse me ? was all that she was able to say. And the stranger responded: "I can tell that your donation dollars don't put biscuits in your dog bowl and you should be reward yourself for what you do." She gave me a pat on the head and smiled and told us thank you again and walked off. I think my Human was on a stay command? Because she just stood there. In the bag was that beautiful green collar in large with silver stars on it and some fish sticks from some great stinky fish!!! We are really use to doing things for others, for giving credit to all those who help along the way. It is not to often and much harder to accept when someone does for you when your use to it being the other way around. We were the victim of someone who paid it forward and it has touched us so much today. It is a good thing to do for others and now we know how it feels... Thank you stranger. Lady with the long white and blue dress on and the yellow hair. The big smile, the kind heart and the giver of a wonderful gift! Emma Zen and her Human

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Emergency Exit

This morning on KTLA 5 news in LA I heard a story about a woman in a building that was on fire. She took her Grandfather and her dog and went "looking" for the emergency exit. Looking for it! How many times have you seen this sign?
We walk by them, we sort of glance, we may even look in the direction of the arrow. But were all so busy assumping that 3 minutes it takes to actually follow the path my somehow interrupt our plans. When is the last time you studied the exit plan on the back of your hotel room door?
I stayed in a hotel last year with someone who was an flight attendance for years. We go into our jammies, watched tv, surfed our phone and said goodnight. 2 seconds later she was out the door? I must have had a strange look on my face because upon her return she said, "so you've never bunked with a flight attendant have you?" They are trained and her training kicks in everywhere she goes. She went outside to "feel" the doors. I never thought about this, if there was a fire could you get there with your eyes closed? She knew it was down the hall to the right and then down the stairs but she needed to know how many doorways she would feel before the stairway would appear!
Then today another twist as I listened to the segment being presented on the news channel this lady not only was having trouble finding the exit but once she got there she found out it was locked! I don't know about you but this now brings up a whole new line of questioning I plan on asking. It takes being present that is all. The time it takes to review an exit an honest look or walk down a corridor. I am not as obsess with safety as one may think, considering we run a pet safety organization but I am "aware and present!" I walk into a new room or hotel and look at my surrounds, where would I go in case of an earthquake, fire or other emergency? Then I proceed to enjoy my time just as you would. It doesn't take minutes away from my day if anything it adds to my enjoyment at that time. That's what safety is peace of mind!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

To Swerve or not to swerve

To swerve or not to swerve that is the question we posted on facebook with an overwhelming response leaning towards swerve. Do anything to avoid hitting the dog was the theme heard over and over again. I know this song; it plays in my head every time I see a pet heading towards the street. But what rings as loud is my father’s voice teaching me that as much as I do not want to be the one to run over a pet, you are not supposed to swerve. Swerving can cause an accident, injure other human life and even if there was no one around swerving can cause your own vehicle to roll. I can hear my father’s voice telling me as I learned to drive, you kill the animal not yourself. Now before all of us pet lovers get in an uproar. I am not suggesting you go running over pets. And if you can stop remember that intermediate braking gives you more control as slamming on your breaks can lock your wheels and your ability to control your vehicle. See how easy it would be to lose control. It’s something to think about what to do in an emergency situation. So that when that time comes your response may be a little bit more automatic. Today I saw such an accident we were in the left lane on the Harley with the sidecar and a driver of the van was in the right. A little Benji type dog with a collar and bandana runs heading for the street. We saw it and then the next thing we saw was the van up in smoke slamming on its breaks and coming right towards US! Scared the piss out of me, I don’t mean to use language but I know my Human thought we were dying to. We were so lucky, the van straightened out and yes hit the dog and a human tragedy was avoided. The van did not pull over, but we did. We pulled the dog out of the street and over to the side of the road. We got a baby blanket out of our first aid kit and covered it up. We took the number off the collar and called the owners. She was hysterical. We told her it was really really bad and let her know if she couldn’t deal with it or didn’t have someone who could to call the animal control. By then there were others there and we left them in the hands of people they knew. OVER WHELMING this day was. But that is how it goes. Life is not always kind. It does not always make sense. But it is reason must be for a greater good than we can see. It made me want to come home and tell our story and bring up a very touchy topic, because today someone’s fuzzy baby is gone. But my Human and I are still alive. Don’t swerve. Emma Zen & Debra Jo