Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Unexpect Appreaciation

Today we donated 13 Pet Oxygen Masks kits to the Palm Springs Fire Department. Then we went to the dog park for a little awhile and then we went town to go do some sniffing around. We found the local pet store and boy was it filled with great stuff. My Human told the store owner how their cities fire department was so welcoming to equipment for pets. There were many people in the store and they all had stories about how helpful and pet friendly their department was. They all also loved the idea of their city caring the equipment. After a little conversation my Human started shopping and she found this collar, it was green and had silver stars on it and there was only one large one and it was just my size. "Oh Emma this is so beautiful on you" she said as she looked at the price tag. Taking it off she told me, "Emma I cannot afford this collar but no worries you are my star even without it!" and she gave me a hug right there in front of everyone. As we left she offered me free biscuits that were available at the counter and out the door we went. They had a water dish on the sidewalk so there I stood for a minute or two while I took a nice long drink. Suddenly this lady appeared and put a large bag at my paws. "This is a "thank you" Emma, for a job well done." ? ? ? If my Human was a dog her head would have been titled sideways. Excuse me ? was all that she was able to say. And the stranger responded: "I can tell that your donation dollars don't put biscuits in your dog bowl and you should be reward yourself for what you do." She gave me a pat on the head and smiled and told us thank you again and walked off. I think my Human was on a stay command? Because she just stood there. In the bag was that beautiful green collar in large with silver stars on it and some fish sticks from some great stinky fish!!! We are really use to doing things for others, for giving credit to all those who help along the way. It is not to often and much harder to accept when someone does for you when your use to it being the other way around. We were the victim of someone who paid it forward and it has touched us so much today. It is a good thing to do for others and now we know how it feels... Thank you stranger. Lady with the long white and blue dress on and the yellow hair. The big smile, the kind heart and the giver of a wonderful gift! Emma Zen and her Human

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  1. This is what is called GOOD KARMA!!! A full circle of love was made today. Emma you do so much for others, and this kind lady wanted to do something for you