Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Soul of Individuals

YOU have what it takes!

Meet DJ. She works at Elkhorn Ridge RV Resort & Cabins in Spearfish South Dakota. She knows all about the Emma Zen Foundation but never put two and two together until she started thinking about it. "I realized my pets couldn't be saved by our local fire department and then I started thinking about all those RVers who travel with their pets. What if, something happened at work?" So in August 2014 she set out to make a difference. She raised funds by putting up signs at work. She had a bake sale at the local Farmers Market and she called her local newspaper too. It's a lot work getting all those all those baked goods ready, including the shape appropriate piggies!

We had a goal of $1,200 for 16 Pet Oxygen Masks 8 for the Fire Department and 8 for the EMS, in both Spearfish and Whitewood. "You overshot your goal!," said our president when the final total came to $1,715.77!!! Or 23 Pet Oxygen Masks kits! (Kits are $75.00 a piece.) As soon as all the kits are established you will be able to return to this page and view their destinations. But for now we would just like to thank "Denise DJ Bahmuller for being part of the solution and always pets in their community to have a better chance of survival and for making sure that all those individuals that travel with their pets are safer too! YOU too can make it difference, like DJ you have what it takes!

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