Friday, January 4, 2013

The lighter side of Sam

1.4.13 Today we laid Sam to rest. She is my kitty and my Human has had her in her life for over half of her adult existence. Her emotions so visible on the video she made the same day she was put to sleep. But there is a lighter side to Sam and aspects I think my human is going to miss, 3 of them to be exact that I can think of. One, EVERY night our Human would get in bed and laid down on her back, head on the pillow and let out a big days sigh. Ready to relax and just wind down and maybe watch a little TV. EVERY night Sam would wake up upon her arrive to the sack and walk right on top of her and EVERY night for 18 + years she said the same thing, "DAMN IT SAM, GET OFF MY NIPPLE!" :-) Funny how that tiny 6 pound cat could find the same spot to stand on a nightly basis. Two, Sam has slept in the same spot for years, right between our Humans legs. For 18 years she had to retract her legs up to her waist and then turn over and then extend her legs again. You know how it goes, God forbid you disturb the cat! Some nights it seemed almost a workout for her if she needed to turn over more than once! Funny how you Humans work, she never once concerned moving the cat! :-) Three, Our Human sleeps flat on her face and EVERY morning there she was! Sam! In what our Human called "her personal space". Typically waking with a "ugh" or and "don’t" she couldn't stand the ONE TINY WHISKER that would BARELY touch her face each more. "It's horrible" I've heard her say before. She compared it to torcher! After a few years a hand jester began to immerge. It was the thumb placed between the side of her face and the pillow, the nose gently covered by the palm of the hand and the four fingers spread over the opposite side of her face. This became known as, "the great whisker barrier!" LOL Sam started at her EVERY morning. My Dad wakes up early to go to work and he said it was absolutely hysterical how Sam would be standing there just starting at her waiting for her to blink. I think if you ever want to know anything about my Human's face. The shade, the couture, the lines, the story you should ask Sam someday if you ever met her in Heaven. I am sure she knows more about her face than anyone else ever has. She stared at her that much! When you're in a relationship there will be things that drive you nuts! Things you absolutely cannot stand. Things you so wish the other person would just stop fricken doing. These are the things you’re going to miss. These are the times you will remember. Think of that next time someone drives you nuts. The next time a pet pisses you doing the same bad or unwanted behavior. The next time a human does something you just can't stand about them. Smile, for this is what you will miss. :-) Life is funny that way. Sam, we love you! Your Humans and Sister Emma Zen


  1. Vaya con dios Sam! Means Godspeed "go with God" journey..muah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. God Bless you, Sam. You were very loved and will be missed. Emma Zen, this is a wonderful tribute to your friend! <3 xoxo